Nanofibre to meet your product’s needs. Our customisation services can tailor nanofibre to give your products the market edge!


From TRL-3 to TRL-9, nanofibre studies that answer your material challenges, taken directly to manufacturing.


Any polymer, any length, any size. Our manufacturing services are ready to meet the supply needs of your products.

Radical Fibres Ltd launched to meet the UK’s market gap for nanofibre product development and manufacturing, specialising in taking products from TRL3 to TRL9. Our team of nanofibre experts work in bespoke, inhouse built labs to tailor products to meet customer needs in a manner which translates straight through to large-area manufacturing.

Talk to us today about:

  • Virus Proof Filters
  • Sensors
  • Composite Reinforcement
  • Sound Proofing
  • Nanoparticle/Catalyst Delivery Platforms