Dr Simon King

Simon started his career at the University of Surrey (BSc Physics – 2010), and continued on at Surrey to complete an industrial EngD doctorate (2014) and then follow through to a PostDoc. This work resulted in the publishing of numerous high-impact publications and a patent application.

Simon specialises in electrospinning (including nanofibre production, analysis, and application), and advanced nanomaterials (including carbon nanotubes and graphene). During his time at Surrey he successfully designed and built the University of Surrey’s large-area electrospinning facility consisting of various bespoke rigs. Since, Simon has continuingly developed the facility, building it into a robust nanofibre research laboratory, which is now regularly used by several other researchers.

Dr Vlad Stolojan

Dr Vlad Stolojan is a Senior Lecturer in Nanomaterials Characterisation, in the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey. He is a member of the IoP and a fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society. Vlad is an author of over 130 peer-reviewed publications and co-inventor of the electrospinning spinneret innovation. Vlad has led or co-investigated EPSRC projects in design, manufacture and exploitation of nanomaterials (The Graphene Centre, Manufacturing Lightweight Carbon Nanotube Electrical Cables, Smart Energy Harvesting Textiles and Textile-compatible foetal movement sensors – sensing electronics). He has led over 50 research projects at all levels (BSc, MSc, EngD and PhD).

Rob Yates

Rob previously led the innovation and technology team for P&G’s Gillette, where his work resulted in new products such as Flexball (from zero to 1bn US$ per year revenue in its first year of sales), Skinguard and GilletteLabs Heated Razor.

Since, Rob has taken roles including; Director of the National Sensor Network at NPL; Commercial Manager of Technology Transfer at the University of Surrey and Scale-Up Company Innovation Advisor at SETsquared. In the background he has successfully run his own Company, Yaltec Ltd since 2011.