Radical Fibres’ story begun in summer of 2010, when co-founder Dr Simon King decided he wanted to better the world one nano-meter at a time, starting an industrial EngD in nanomaterials as the principle researcher. The project was a three-way collaboration between: the University of Surrey’s EPSRC centre for doctoral training in micro- and nanomaterials and technologies, the Micro and Nano Technology Centre (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) and Thomas Swan and Co. Ltd; funded by the EPSRC and Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.

Supervised by Dr Vlad Stolojan (co-founder) and Prof S Ravi P Silva (Surrey, ATI), the project resulted in a patented novel electrospinning method which overcomes common challenges with the electrospinning process to offer a scalable manufacturing solution.

award 2013   Dr King receiving the Ernest Littauer prize for his EngD electrospinning research (2013)

Further developing the patented technology as well as related nanofibre technologies Dr King met a world leader in nanofibre related technologies Revolution Fibres Ltd (New Zealand). Dr King was able to visit Revolution Fibres, on a 3-month secondment in partnership with the University of Surrey. This led to the realisation of the market potential nanofibres offer and the large market gap within the UK.

In April 2019, leveraging his patented technology and with continued support from all parties previously mentioned, Dr King partnered with Dr Stolojan and Rob Yates (co-founder) to successfully win Innovate UK funding to participate in the ICURe market research programme, allowing him to visit and present electrospinning technology to over 125 contacts worldwide.

Upon his return in September 2019, Dr King successfully pitched his ICURe market research findings and resulting business proposition, resulting in an Innovate UK start-up award and the resulting incorporation of Radical Fibres Ltd in October 2019.

We feel it is important to recognise all those in the past that supported today’s future. Radical Fibres is extremely grateful to all those that have supported the various stages that have led to its creation, especially those that continue to support us as we grow into a platform for UK-based nanofibre innovation.

Team photo 2020

The Radical Fibres team at our new office in Guildford (2020).


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